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The big three European binocular and Spotting scope manufacturers are Zeiss, Leica and Swarovski. These manufacturers and Schmidt & Bender sell some of the most expensive riflescopes as well. When I read hunting magazines, I see some of these expensive optics being used by the authors. I now often see them being used by the average hunter as well and certainly almost every birder. The first group is probably given such great glass, the second is either wealthy or willing to push their creadit card to the limit. While these offer superb lglass, and I too wish I had them, can the rest of us find good glass for a lot less money? The answer is a resounding: YES.
So far in this "budget-minded optics" series I have concentrated on binos offering some great value for low dollars. For example, Bushnell's new Legend Ultra-hd BINOCUALRS OFFERS GREAT GLASS WITH ed LENSESFOR ONLY $300, part of the subject of my last article. The same value holds  true for some spotting scopes and riflescopes. Why? Because many are now being manufactured in China to the company's specs. I remember the days when "made in Japan" meant low quality to the point of being almost a joke. today, however, some of the highest quality products in the world come from Japan. And now, higher quality is beginning to emerge from china. In the realm of optics, the Chinese are getting their proverbial stuff in order.
Verona, Italy, for an American, the name conjures up images of the Renaissance, art, music or maybe even the romance depicted in the old films of my yourth. It is the birthplace of Mario Capecchi (who now teaches at my alma mater ere in the states), Nobel Prize winner for medicien; Paolo Bellasio composer of the Renaissance, and the setting of the story Romeo and Juliet. it is famous for its Roman amphiteater and the Arean. I was surprised to learn it is als othe home of Konus Optics.
Trying my best as an optics writer to keep up with the myriad forms of sporting optics in today's market, I thought I ought to take a look at this up-and-coming company. They send me two samles, their KONUSPRO M30 8.5-32X52MM AND TEHIR RED-DOT SIGHT CALLED HTHE SIGHTPRO-ATOMIC. The first held my interst because I am intersted in ultra long-range shooting. The second because I am also into close quarter battle training and competition.
For less than $400 at various online stores, the M30 8.5-32x52mm riflescope has a lot to offer:
- Flip-up covers included
- Locking fast focus ocular
- True 30mm tube throughout
- Locking tactical turret switch
- Mid-sized parallax wheel (down to 10 yards)
- Precision 1/8 MOA adjustments
- Includes 4" sunshade
- Waterproof and fog proof
- Fully multi-coated optics
- 45 degree offset reticle illuminator switch
- Reticle placed in the second focal plane
- Built-in anti canting bubble system
Very innovative. Like many of today's optics companies, they are adding what some might consider gimicks to attract customers and beat out the competition. But do they work, are theyreliable, rugged adn dependable, and is the glass any good?
I found only one minor gripe. It concerns the last revolution of each complete turn of the elevation or windageddial. The last MOA, in this case 7, has only 1/2 MOA to reach zero on each revolution. Thus, when you get to 7 and go past zero, the number I1 for one MOA on the next revolution is 9 but 8.5. Not a big problem, but it frustates me. The elebation dial would only give me about 40 MOA elevation specs say 50. In most cases that will give a shooter about all he can handle.
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