08 MAG


Do your customers like to hit the range for some target practice? There are two pistol scopes in the KonusPro line that feature Konus' famous etched reticle that will never break, spin or misalign, regardless of the caliber beingused. The 2x28 and 2-8x28 are the only pistol sopes on the market with an engraved 30/30 reticle. They also feature optimum eye relief needed for handgun shooting, multi-coated optics, and a one-piece tube. Both are parallax correct at 50 yards.
For short to medium range shooting or fast moving targets, the new KonusPro 2-7x32 and compact 4x32 are ideal. Available in both matte black and silver, all four scopes feature the distinctive engraved reticle, finger adjustable turrets, mounting rings and multi-coated optics. Parallax correct at 75 yards, both scopes are shock-proof and fogproof. Konus also makes a full size 4x32as well asa 3-9x32, which are equally perfect for this type of shooter. These two scopes both have an adjustable objective with the unique ability to focus down to an amazing 7 yards.

Konus aslo offers two new spotting scopes that are perfect for hunters, birdwatchers, and nature enthusiasts. The 20-60x70 features versatile zoom power, table tripod, camera adapter and carrying case. The 9-45x60 features a 45-degree eyepiece, impeccable optical quality and a zoom for maximum power and versatility. They come equipped with a new and improved tripod fully made of metal.
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