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When I set up to shoot these days, there is lots of gear and equipment to haul out to the range and the distance shot keep getting longer. Consequently I'm huffing and puffing by the time the chronograph is set up and targets are placed, meaning there is no positive anticipation of walking 200 yards to check a three shot group. At public ranges the problem is coumpounded because the combination of rifle and scope at the bech may not have a scope powerful enough to see bullet holes at 100 yards and waiting half an hour for a cease fire to check targets can get a little tedious so it seemed time to look into a spotting scope.


Konus is headquartered in Verona, Italy, with subsidary offices in Madrid, Spain, and Miami, Florida.
The company manufacturers and sells under its brand, optical products as well as meteorological instruments and time keeping instruments for both commercial and consumer applications. The Konus spotting scopes line is available through vitually and discount retailers.

The Konuspot 20-60x100

The Konus 20-60x100 is the largest spotting scope within the Konus product line. It was selected for the 20-60x zoom magnification range, as ell as the light gathering capability of the 100mm objective lens. The Konuspot's body is rubber coated aluminum for light weight and durability. The prism corrects images to normal eyesight orientation. The 20-60x zoom magnifying eyepiece is a 2! type, mounted at 45° to the scope's optical centerline.
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